About Us

Renee Callaway - President

Renee Callaway
Renee is one of the founding members of the Mad FORCs and has served as the club president since the club formed. She also is the coordinator of the Women's Dirt Retreat.
Renee did not seem destined to be an athlete early in life as she often flunked physical education class in high school and didn't properly learn to ride a bike until college. However, never one to let a lack of skill stand in her way she did her first race in the fall of 1990 and placed 6th out of 6. Not seeing this as an omen of things to come she has continued to race ever since.

Kathy Janda - Ride Coordinator

Kathy Janda
For FORCs member Kathy Janda her first "mountain bike" wasn't even a real mountain bike.
"I had this 10 speed when I was a kid and really liked to take it on the grass and stuff," says Kathy. "Unfortunately, that kind of trashed it." Kathy moved up to a "heavy, old Huffy" in college before finally moving up to the beautiful Yo Betty she rides now. Kathy started mountain biking seriously in 1994 and has been a member since 1995.

Shannon Kahl - Membership Secretary/Treasurer

Shannon Kahl
In 2007 Shannon is taking on a new challenge as a Mom. However, she is determined to continue riding her bike and juggling work, motherhood and the responsibilities of dog ownership.

Shannon is the Mad FORCs Membership Secretary. If you want to check on whether your dues have been paid then just ask Shannon.

Carol Hassler - Webmaster

Carol Hassler

Carol met up with the Mad FORCs at a race around the time she first moved to Madison. Everyone had purple jerseys - and she has a pack of purple bikes - so it seemed like a perfect match.

Carol is in charge of the website. See anything that needs updated or have questions about the website? Let her know.

Berlinda Lopez - Race Team Coordinator

Berlinda Lopez
Berlie comes to Wisconsin by way of Texas where she attended UW-Madison to attend graduate school. After finishing her degree she decided Madison wasn't half bad and has stayed on riding and racing her bike with the Mad FORCs.

Berlie is also the Mad FORCs Race Team Coordinator so if you want to know about the team, are interested in signing up for 24-9 or have an idea or suggestion for how to improve the team let Berlie know.

Melissa Suzuki - Meeting Coordinator

Melissa Suzuki

Melissa works as a scientist and stays busy playing with her two sons. She also finds time to get out mountain biking and has been a FORC for several years.